The name I LOVE ME for my clothing range was not only sparked by my own experience and growth as a woman but also from listening to and observing others who move and dance with no inhibitions - as the beautiful women they are. Albeit from various walks of life and having had different life experiences.

I love me is for those women who desire comfort, yet still want to look feminine and beautiful. These uniquely designed garments are for those who desire to embrace a funloving and free spirit. By wearing I LOVE ME one can step out into the world, and make the bold statement! I LOVE ME Whether one's going to work, to dance, to shop or to simply be at home with the children, by simply wearing I LOVE ME one is embracing the moment, being comfortable with who you are, where you are!




  • value and worth for who YOU are NOW
  • wanted and desired for YOU, as YOU, rather than for what others expect of you
  • you are OK just the way YOU are
  • there is no need to wear a mask or to act in any way just to please another.
I LOVE ME garments come in three sizes:


(Children’s sizes are available on special request.)
(Various adjustments in height/length, etc, can be made on request.)

These labels for the various sizes were chosen so that we, as women, break away from the norm of labelling ourselves as small, medium, large or X–large. Our 'different' size labels encourage one to accept and embrace oneself, in the moment.

The I LOVE ME range keeps its unique touch in that it tends to offer only 2 or 3 garments of the same type of fabric or style.
So, when you see something you really like, then grab it! Like the age old saying, 'the early bird gets the worm'. If it fits, its yours. The chance of spotting someone else in the same garment is highly unlikely!
If however , there is a specific fabric or style you really like and you really really want it, then  just email a request and we will get back to you as to whether it will be possible or not.

Please click here to view a few examples of our garments.

To email a request or if you need to contact us for any reason, then please email: